Premier Acupuncture Clinic In Houston, TX

Pillars Acupuncture Houston is a premier Integrative Clinic of Houston with

Speciality acupuncture services that resolve:

  1. Neck, Low back, and Shoulder Pain 
  2. Weight Loss Management

You are our valued customer and each patient will receive:


  1. Personalized treatment plan that incorporates Acupuncture and other modalities.
  2. Recommendations on proper self or after care to promote faster recovery.
  3. Lifestyle or dietary recommendations to further enhance healing.

Hello, my name is George and I personally welcome you to my new website that will help educate you on the benefits of  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture is great for treating pain and that’s what I primarily do is to provide effective pain relief  with acupuncture.

I have been trained by a veteran Houston acupuncturist, Karen Siegal, in Dr. Tan’s balance method which does not use local acupuncture insertion but rather distal acupuncture.  

Instead of needling the site of pain such as needling the low back for low back pain, I can choose distal points at the ankle/leg, or hand/arm etc. to relieve pain.  I often combine this with Master Tung acupuncture, too.


Acupuncture treats a wide variety of disease and can be integrated with your Western medical treatments.

And, can be used to treat chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, etc to prevent more serious problems in the future.

Acupuncture is powerful medicine and can help provide lasting relief by treating the root of the problem!

It is a commitment  for lifestyle change and to living and being  a healthier you today and tomorrow! 

Please read through my blog and enjoy!

Thank you,

George Huang LAc, MAOM  Owner/ Chief Acupuncturist

Low Back Pain and Disk Herniation

Low Back Pain and Disk Herniation



We can provide fast, effective, pain relief for your low back pain and reduce inflammation from  disk herniation.

We use  the Distal acupuncture approach to reduce your low back pain faster instead of using local needling to your low back area.

Our acupuncture points will target your problem areas and

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Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder and shoulder pain


We can provide pain relief for patients who suffer from acute or chronic shoulder pain issues. 

We often treat patients with frozen shoulder issues. The majority of these patients are women over the age of 40 and come in with numbness and shooting pain from the affected shoulder down to the

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Facial Pain and Trigeminal Neuralgia

Facial Pain and Trigeminal Neuralgia

At Pillars Acupuncture we have great success with reducing pain associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia or any type of facial pain and  numbness issues.

Trigeminal Neuralgia can be effectively treated with Acupuncture. It is a disorder of the sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve producing shocking severe pain or numbness along one or

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